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Ideal Protein Program

I have lost 23 pounds in 4 weeks. I have been taken off two medications from doctors. This has been a miracle in my life especially at 73 years of age.
-- Arthur


I have been on the Ideal Protein program for one month.  In this short amount of time I have lost 18 pounds!   As of this time, my doctor has decreased the dosage of 2 of my medications. I was filled with hope as I saw the sugar cravings disappear, more energy, and best of all, the pounds coming off!! I am doing something I thought I could never do, to be the best person I can be.

-- Patricia pat-before-after.jpg


CORE4 Program

I am presently attending the Core 4 class and have found this class to be “Life Changing”!  I have taken classes before to lose weight but Core 4 tops any other class that I have taken.  I am also going to the YMCA 3 times per week and have found them to be very supportive and encouraging as I continue my health journey.  I am delighted that PSJH decided to offer this class.   
-- Dale Ann

Participating in the Core4 program has provided an effective structure for me to restructure my eating habits and begin a regular exercise program.  Over the first six weeks in the program I have lost a significant amount of weight and have been exercising on a regular basis.  I think before I eat now and am making exercise a priority.  The weekly group meetings provide support and motivation to keep working at this.   


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