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Living with joint or muscle pain?

We know how frustrating that must feel. But with help from our orthopedic experts, you can get back to your active life—whether that means walking easier, lifting your groceries or running a marathon.

The joint care team at Presence Health is here for you. To listen to your concerns and your goals. Then to help you take the steps you need to achieve easier mobility and pain-free activities.

Express Access Orthopedists - Be seen within 72 hours

Make your appointment and we will see you within 72 hours at convenient locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Just call 855.981.3535

Free Injury Screening

If you have an injury and aren’t sure what type of treatment you need, we offer complimentary 15-minute injury screenings. During the assessment our physical therapists will ask you about your condition, observe how you move, and discuss with you how this issue may be affecting your quality of life.

Our Screening Locations

Take Our Pain Quiz

Not sure of the next steps? Take this easy quiz to help us better understand the issues you’re facing. Then together, we can create a personal plan to wellness, including a variety of non-surgical options for less pain and faster recovery.

Living with pain? Take Our Quiz

Why Choose Us?

Express Appointments

Don’t wait weeks to get relief. We’ll get you in within 72 hours, and get you back to the life you love.

Quick Diagnosis

State-of-the-art imaging technology, including 64-slice CT, helps us instantly pinpoint the problem and put you on the fast track to treatment.

Speedy Recovery

When surgery is the best solution, our 3D, computer-assisted technology allows for smaller incisions and better precision—which often means less pain and more mobility.

Early Return

Bounce back faster following illness, injury or surgery with our comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation. We focus on restoring strength and function while helping prevent future problems.



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