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At Presence Health, we provide the advanced prostate cancer treatments offered by academic hospitals, but right in your own backyard. Our goal is for you to spend less time worrying about your diagnosis and more time living life on your terms. Each of our cancer centers features a team of expert urologists and oncologists who excel at minimizing pain and side effects and delivering fast and effective treatments tailored to your personal preferences.

About Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a small gland near the bladder in the male reproductive system that helps produce semen. Prostate cancer occurs when the cells in the prostate show a highly abnormal growth pattern. Fortunately, most prostate cancers are slow growing, easily diagnosed and treatable. More than two million men in the U.S. are prostate cancer survivors.

Why Choose our Prostate Cancer Care?

  • Experts in early diagnosis: Early diagnosis of prostate cancer is essential to saving lives and preserving sexual function. We offer the latest cancer screening techniques and imaging equipment to make sure nothing is missed. We offer PSA blood tests, prostate biopsy, CT scan, MRI, ProstaScint scan, bone scan, TRUS (transrectal ultrasound), DRE (digital rectal exam), laparoscopic biopsy, FNA (fine needle aspiration) and Gleason scoring. Learn more about cancer diagnosis at Presence Health.
  • Leading brachytherapy specialists: Our urologists and oncologists at several of our centers are highly skilled and experienced in brachytherapy, an effective, minimally invasive radiation treatment that places radioactive seeds directly into the prostate.
  • Shorter wait and travel times: At many of our locations, you’ll see an expert prostate cancer specialist within 48 hours of diagnosis—without having to travel outside your community. Receiving treatment nearby also means getting back to normal life sooner.
  • Integrated care with a team approach: Your dedicated team may include doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists and even dietitians who collaborate to examine your unique case and plan how to fight it as a team. You will get to know them personally, ask questions and take part in planning your treatment to suit your preferences.
  • Comprehensive treatment options: A prostate cancer diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean surgery or chemotherapy. Our oncologists and urologists will discuss your options with you, including minimally invasive treatments with minimal side effects.

    Our full range of options includes active surveillance, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy (vaccines), surgery, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Other advanced treatments include:
    • Brachytherapy: We offer both low-dose and high-dose brachytherapy, or seed implantation radiation therapy.
    • Xofigo®: We offer this sophisticated drug to treat advanced prostate cancer that is resistant to other therapies.
    • IMRT: This 3-D radiation therapy allows us to treat hard-to-reach tumors while preserving healthy tissue, especially in recurrent prostate cancer.
    • On-site linear accelerators: You don’t have to drive for hours to receive this advanced radiation therapy. For your convenience, most of our linear accelerator services are in the same location as your other appointments.
    • Robotic surgery and prostatectomy: We use the da Vinci® Surgical System for minimally invasive procedures, often offering less pain, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.
  • Prostate cancer clinical trials: We are one of the few systems approved in Illinois to offer Phase One through Phase Four cancer clinical trials. You may be a candidate for innovative prostate cancer tests and treatments before they become available to the public.
  • Cancer support services: We offer men’s support groups, nutritionists, rehab therapy, social workers, financial counseling and other services to address your every need. Once treatment is over, your dedicated cancer navigator will guide you through the follow-up to make sure you stay cancer-free. Learn more about our cancer support services.

Take Charge of Your Health—See a Prostate Cancer Specialist Near You

We offer prostate cancer treatment at locations throughout Illinois. Learn more about the specific services we provide at the Presence Health hospital closest to you:

For your transition out of the hospital and recovery, learn more about the Presence Life Connections nursing and rehabilitation centers and Presence Home Care options near you.

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At Presence Health, we want you to focus on getting well, not on paperwork. Many locations feature dedicated cancer navigators to guide you from your first appointment through the recovery and beyond.

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