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Living with an abnormal heart rhythm can be frustrating - especially if lifestyle changes or medication haven’t kept symptoms in check. What’s more, an arrhythmia can leave you at significantly greater risk of stroke, heart failure or heart attack without the right treatment.

Do you have these symptoms of arrhythmia?

  • Palpitations - Fluttering or racing heartbeats
  • Difficulty in catching breath
  • Exhaustion or lack of energy
  • Chest pain
  • Lightheadedness or fainting

If so we can help you get back in rhythm.

Whether you’ve already been diagnosed with A-Fib or are just now recognizing the symptoms, we’ve got a dedicated team of compassionate cardiologists and nationally recognized electrophysiologists that perform more than 600 procedures per year. They will review your medical history and symptoms then provide you with an accurate diagnosis then explain some treatment options which may include; radiofrequency (heat) or Cryo (freeze) ablations to treat your irregular heartbeat.

These minimally invasive treatment options may correct your arrhythmia without the prolonged use of medications and their negative side-effects, which may help you return to a normal lifestyle.

Learn more about our skilled care below - then see a specialist who can help you take control. Call 855.672.4294 or fill out the quick form to the right to make your appointment today.

Going Beyond Electrophysiology Treatment to Electrophysiology Care

In our electrophysiology (EP) labs and arrhythmia clinics, we focus on getting you back to the life you love, with some of the most successful treatments and shortest EP procedure times in the Midwest. And we provide the ongoing support you need to manage your condition with confidence.

  • Most experienced EP team in the region: Our cardiac electrophysiologists are board-certified and have trained an additional one to two years in their field beyond what is required. Collectively, they’ve performed over 2,500 EP procedures with excellent outcomes.
  • New, state-of-the-art electrophysiology labs: Our new EP labs use advanced technology, like 3D carto-navigation, to precisely map the heart in real-time. When we diagnose a problem, we often treat patients with minimally invasive techniques.
  • Leader in new arrhythmia treatments: Our treatments include a number of firsts, including the Kankakee area’s first implantation of the world's only defibrillator that can protect patients from sudden cardiac arrest without having to touch the heart and the first in Illinois to offer cryogenic ablation, a new treatment for atrial fibrillation. Other traditional tests and procedures we offer include:
    • Pacemaker and defibrillator implantation
    • Electrophysiology studies: Pinpoint the location of arrhythmias using thin catheters that record electrical signals in the heart muscle.
    • Tilt-table testing: Evaluates the cause of unexplained fainting and dizziness by tilting you from a lying to a standing position.
    • Cardiac ablation: Minimally invasive technique to cure arrhythmias by using radiofrequency energy heat to destroy tissues that cause them.
    • Cardiac resynchronization therapy: Treats atrial fibrillation by shocking your heart to resets the its electrical activity back into a normal rhythm.

Why Choose Us

  • Consistently ranked among the best hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
  • All of our emergency departments are designated as nationally accredited Chest Pain Centers. Our superior heart attack outcomes are due in part to our rapid door-to-treatment time.
  • One of the most active heart programs in Illinois: We have performed more than 8,500 open heart surgeries, in addition to thousands of cardiac catheterization procedures and arrhythmia treatments.
  • Renowned cardiovascular team including heart surgeons and leaders in vein and vascular procedures.

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