Presence Health

General Policy Statement

It is the policy of Presence Health to obtain competitive proposals or quotations where possible on all products and services used by the Presence Health Ministries.  All proposals and quotations received will be evaluated on the basis of quality, service, compliance to specifications, and price.

For more information, please contact our System Director – Contracts and Category Management, Supply Chain Service Delivery Center, at 844.255.8323.

Terms and Conditions

All Presence Health suppliers are subject to all the Standard Terms and Conditions for Suppliers.

New Payment Processes Begin September 1, 2015

We are standardizing our Finance and Supply Chain processes throughout Presence Health. As part of the standardization, we are transitioning to a PeopleSoft platform on Sept. 1. For you, these changes eventually will translate into improved payment processing.

The last payments will be processed Aug. 27. The first regular payments made with our new PeopleSoft system are anticipated to occur Sept. 9.   

All Presence purchasing and accounts payable transactions will be contained in one system. We encourage you to consolidate your accounts, orders, and invoices for Presence locations wherever possible.

We have new email addresses to reach us regarding invoicing and payment processing:

You have new general ledger (GL) codes for non-PO invoice routing. Presence Health prefers doing business with Purchase Orders.  However, if you generate non-PO invoices, you will have new general ledger (GL) codes for non-PO invoice routing. Go to our GL code lookup tool on this website to learn your new GL codes.

We have a new Return to Vendor (RTV) process: All returns of product to suppliers for credit will automatically generate a credit against the supplier account in PeopleSoft. DO NOT submit credit memos to Presence unless requested to do so by your Presence buyer or Accounts Payable.

We have forms available for all new Presence Health Suppliers called the New Supplier Intake Form - External (Supplier Use) and all new suppliers doing business with Presence Health must complete the intake form and provide the required documentation. Suppliers do not need to fill out the New Supplier Intake Form - Internal (Presence Use), which is for Presence Health employees.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to these changes.

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