Presence Health

The goal of the Transitional Year program is to provide first-year residents with a diverse clinical experience in several specialty areas. The program is specifically designed to prepare residents for additional graduate training and is best suited for medical graduates who:

  1. Choose a career specialty that requires one year of basic clinical education.
  2. Want broad-based clinical experience before they choose or enter their career specialty.
  3. Plan to serve temporarily in the military as a medical officer.

Each Transitional Year rotation lasts four weeks (with the exception of the first rotation that last about 5/6 weeks) and includes four months of medicine including 4 - 6 weeks of critical care experience, two months of surgery, one month of emergency medicine, one month of ambulatory medicine and four months of elective rotations in such fields as Neurology, Infectious diseases, Pulmonary Medicine, Hematology/Oncology, and various surgical and medical subspecialties. Together with the Program Director, residents tailor their rotation schedules to reflect their areas of interest, as long as they fulfill specialty board requirements. Emphasis will be given to medical sub-specialties.