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Chicago skyline

Wrigleyville. Lincoln Park. New/Down/Greek/Old/Up/China-town. River North. Gold Coast. Magnificent Mile. Navy Pier. The Loop.

Hot spots at night. Cool spots in the day. A beach as long as the city for the aqua-inclined. Sand for volleyball or parks for sports requiring bats, balls, boats, boards, and wheels. Grant Park concerts: jazz, blues, classical, rock -- in all their expressions. Try the Taste of Chicago for a sampling all at once or delve into the best pizza on the planet. Pick any culture, cuisine, taste, or budget and Chicago can dish it up -- with restaurants, festivals, music and celebrations.

Like sports? We have a few teams -- now try to get tickets. And if you prefer your animals behind bars, the zoos may be your destination. Whether you're looking for theatre, shopping, museums, or clubs, it's here. All are easy to get to. Affordable. Available. Enjoy your four seasons in Chicago.