Presence Health

Salaries for 2017-18 academic year are as follows:

PGY2 (1st year Radiology resident) $56,784

PGY3 (2nd year Radiology resident) $58,927

PGY4 (3rd Radiology year resident) $61,391

PGY5 (4th year Radiology resident) $63,187

Our benefits and vacation package is very competitive with other programs. Benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, vision care, life, and disability insurance for residents
  • Three weeks’ vacation plus four additional paid days off per year

Also provided:

  • One week paid educational leave annually
  • One additional week during R3 year to attend a board review course for R3
  • Additional funding for board review course for R3
  • One month rotation at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP)
  • Additional funding for AIRP rotation
  • Annual book allowance that can also be used for purchase of one electronic device
  • A monthly meal allowance for Presence Saint Francis Hospital cafeteria