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Our program participates in the NRMP MATCH. Applications are reviewed by the program chair and selected faculty members. Interview invitations are sent via email beginning in the month of October. The review of applicants is completed by December 31st. Email is the preferred method of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply to the radiology residency program at Presence Saint Francis Hospital?

A. Program receives all applications through ERAS for the MATCH.

Q. What is the application deadline?

A. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through December 31st.

Q. What are the 2018-2019 interview dates?

A. Interviews are scheduled during November, December and January.

Q. How many Letters of Recommendation do you require?

A. Our requirement is three letters of recommendation.

Q. Do you require clinical experience prior to radiology residency?

A. Yes, Radiology requires a preliminary medicine year from an ACGME accredited program prior to joining the program. (Preliminary year such as medicine, surgery or transitional year internships)

Q. Do you offer a Transitional year at your institution?

A. Yes, Presence Saint Francis Hospital offers a Transitional Year (program code 999-16-00-038) and an Internal Medicine Preliminary Year (program code 140-16-11-126).  Applicants must apply directly to these programs.

Q. How many residents do you plan to accept this recruitment year?

A. Three residents.

Q. How many applicants do you plan to interview?

A. Approximately 30 applicants.

Q. How long is the interview day?

A. Interviews are a half-day long with both morning and afternoon sessions available.

Q. Board Examinations – Does the program accept COMLEX Board Scores?

A. Yes, however, we would prefer USMLE Boards.

Q. Board Examinations Pass Attempts – Does the program have guidelines on the number of attempts on Board Examinations?

A. Yes Requires passing Boards on 1st attempt in ordered to be selected for review.

Q. Board Examinations – Will the program review applications with a “pending” Step 2 score?

A. Yes.

Q. Does the program accept IMGs and if so, which type of Visa is accepted?

A. Yes, the program accepts IMG applicants that meet the program criteria. IMGs should have a valid ECFMG certificate at time of application. Currently, Presence only sponsors J1 Visas.


For additional information regarding the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at Presence Saint Francis Hospital, please contact the Academic Program Specialist, Anita Goodwin, via email at .

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