Presence Health

Here are the top five reasons to choose the Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Podiatry Residency Program:

  1. A strong, all-encompassing, comprehensive package for the residency experience. Residents have the ability to access and follow patients in an office and hospital setting. In addition, residents will continue to treat and manage the patient after the procedure — learning that the most difficult course of treatment may occur post-operatively.
  2. An active participant on day one. This may include working in the clinic or hospital. You won't be standing on the side lines observing — you will have an active role on the team.
  3. No need for travel. All facets of training occur at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, so no travel requires.
  4. Solid preparation for the future. With the diversity of the patient population and pathologies, residents receive a solid foundation and concrete "real-life" experiences to become competent and confident podiatrists.
  5. Supportive faculty across all specialties and administration. All attending staff and hospital administration are fully committed to providing an environment that enhances the residency experience.