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The Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago PMSR-RRA is the largest program in the Chicagoland area. With such a size, the program residents are afforded every opportunity to treat a diverse set of patients. Each institution covered by our program provides excellent educational opportunities with patients from all walks of life. Each resident will be comfortable with all facets of surgical and medical techniques, and all patient populations.



As part of resident training, weekly didactic lectures, seminars, workshops and labs are provided to the residents. These didactics are designed to enhance your knowledge and skill set from the initial patient encounter to the final post-operative visit. You will gain the ability to prepare presentations, lecture to colleagues and attendings, as well as the opportunity to educate the monthly student externs. Our didactic events are held Tuesday evenings on the hospital campus. If you are interested in our program, visiting the education events are excellent opportunities to gain further exposure to our residents and attending staff.



In an ever-changing medical world, it is imperative to be comfortable preparing and reviewing research articles. As a resident, you will be encouraged to pursue educational topics that you find interesting and are guided through the entire process by our expert staff up to and including publication. You may also present your research at a variety of educational seminars or conferences across the country. 



Our residents pride themselves in their professionalism and interpersonal communication skills. As a resident, you will work cooperatively in a team with 14 other podiatric residents, residents from four medical and surgical specialties, and a wide range of attendings who consistently demand quality graduate-level performance. We want this to be a serious, yet rewarding residency experience.

APWCA group-Podiatry residents

BIOMET Conference

cadavar workshop

cadavar workshop