Presence Health

We are indeed proud of the success and accomplishments of our graduating residents. We survey our graduating residents on a regular basis and seek their comments with the view to improve our program for residents in training. The following are some of their comments:

"I had a great experience, great time, feel very well prepared for my private practice."

"Overall, my experience was very good. It is a very well run program."

"The residency program prepared me so well. I am confident with my skills compared to other physicians on staff."

"I had a very positive experience with my residency and think one of the best things that we did was OB/Gyn stats where cases were reviewed and management decisions were scrutinized. This really does prepare you to make correct clinical decisions."

"Presence Saint Joseph Hospital has shaped me into the physician that I am today. Its program gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to venture out into private practice and be confident that my surgical skills and medical knowledge are current and up to par."

"I consider the Presence Saint Joseph Hospital residency program one of the best in the nation. The attending physicians were great and the respect and freedom I earned from the attendings gave me confidence to execute my responsibilities as a Chief Resident and currently in my career taking care of patients."