Presence Health

The residency training program is a four-year OB/GYN program that is evenly distributed between Obstetrics and Gynecology at all levels. Ambulatory experience is provided through an active outpatient program that includes general obstetrics and gynecology clinic sessions, high-risk obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinic, urogynecology clinic and gynecology/oncology clinic supervised by teaching faculty. Additionally, didactic conferences and lectures are provided on a regular basis.

The combination of experiences at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Presence Saint Mary Hospital, Thorek Hospital and Weiss Hospital provide a synergy for excellent education.

At Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, patients requiring surgery include non-private and private patients. The non-private patient receives full evaluation in the continuity clinic by residents under supervision of assigned teaching faculty. Residents schedule these cases for surgery and perform indicated procedures with assistance and supervision of the attending physicians. The extent of procedures performed by residents is based on individual ability and demonstrated competence. Residents perform surgical procedures on private patients under an attending physician's supervision and provide assistance consistent with their level of training and capabilities. Private patients from reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology and gynecologic urology are evaluated and managed in the same manner.

Residents learn minimally invasive surgery in the state-of-the-art skills laboratory located on campus. Acquisition of the LapSim, the most validated, researched and implemented laparoscopic virtual reality simulation system, adds a customized and enhanced resident learning environment while maintaining greater patient safety. The use of 3D technology and absence of haptics provide residents a simulation experience in minimally invasive surgery similar to robotic procedures.

Availability of the da Vinci Surgical System at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital provides residents a platform to learn the use of cutting-edge robotics technology in gynecologic surgery. Lectures on minimally invasive and robotic surgery in addition to hands-on skills drills are actively integrated into the residents' learning curriculum.

The training program enjoys the commitment of subspecialists in reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology and urogynecology, and residents receive superb obstetrics experience at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital from three to four board-certified maternal-fetal specialists who are active in resident education.

Rotations at Presence Saint Mary Hospital, Thorek Hospital and Weiss Hospital are conducted during PGY-II and PGY-III and complement the experience of our residents, especially in vaginal hysterectomy and operative endoscopies.

Annual Patient Statistics

Obstetric Procedures
Deliveries 1,705
Cesarean Sections 519
Vacuum/Forceps Deliveries 81
Gynecologic Procedures
Major Gynecologic Operations 1,609
Minor Gynecologic Operations 1,477
Major Surgical Procedures for invasive gyneoplasia 207
Abdominal Hysterectomies 267
Vaginal Hysterectomies 74
Surgery for Urinary Incontinence 226
Operative Laparoscopic Procedures 201