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A Well-Balanced Curriculum

The Department of Internal Medicine is the largest department at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago. The national trend in medicine has been a movement of patient care activities from the inpatient environment to the outpatient environment. Our hospital is fortunate to have gifted and committed faculty in both inpatient and outpatient settings, which allows us to direct our training program to reflect this trend. In our ambulatory clinics, first-year residents begin their training with a two-month introductory course, the Intern Workshop that focuses on ambulatory skills necessary for the general internist. Residents begin their continuity experience in conjunction with the Intern Workshop. The continuity experience is conducted at either the Lakeview clinic or a neighborhood clinic in an underserved area of Chicago. Ambulatory training is also supplemented by rotations in Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine and month-long blocks of both medical and subspecialty experience.

Residents and students work together on the ward teams

Behavioral Science

We offer a unique three-year, longitudinal training program in Behavioral Sciences aimed at producing physicians skilled in interviewing, doctor-patient relationships and cross-cultural medicine. The program consists of the following:

  • Biannual retreats that include education and role-playing in an enjoyable, casual atmosphere. We discuss issues relevant to each level of training, including being an intern, teaching on the floor and working with colleagues;
  • Supervised interviewing that includes faculty modeling, observation and videotaping. Residents are trained to assess common psychiatric disorders and to provide appropriate referrals when further evaluation is warranted. They also learn brief psychotherapeutic interventions for problems involving medical care, unanticipated outcomes and common psychological issues;
  • Seminars on common psychological and social problems that present in primary care such as delivering bad news, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, somatization, eating disorders and domestic violence;
  • Resident supportive services during adjustment to the residency and through the program;
  • Training in Cross Cultural Medicine for our multicultural residents in a multicultural medical setting.

Supportive Environment

The faculty and staff are truly committed to the success of the trainees. Education and patient care are the focus of our faculty who strive to help the residents realize their goals. The faculty stand ready to help create individualized paths to facilitate the achievement of each person's success.

Collegial Atmosphere

True camaraderie exists among the residents. The program supports the development of a community feel with social outings throughout the year. The intern welcome lunch, parties and semi-annual retreats provide venues for residents to bond with their peers. Families are invited to join in the festivities at our Iftar Dinner, Post-Holiday Party and Graduation Dinner Cruise.

Residents at lunch

Residents are a team

Residents learn by sharing experiences

Our Resident Team

Hospital Quality

The medical staff and administration of Presence Saint Joseph Hospital take great pride in the hospital's recognition for clinical excellence and patient safety by HealthGrades, the largest independent hospital rating company. Residents benefit from an opportunity to train in an environment in which the goal is always the highest quality of care.