Presence Health

The program includes an organizational structure of academic, clinical, and technical criteria to facilitate the education of residents in general surgery. Its goals are to:

  • Maintain educational criteria that are congruent with the aims of the American Board of Surgery and the Residency Review Committee in General Surgery.
  • Facilitate the self-directed study of residents with recommended readings and learning activities.
  • Integrate principles of basic sciences with clinical experiences with monthly exams, where answers are discussed at the end of each examination.

Doctor and Residents

  • Guide the mechanism for residents' progressive responsibility from initial patient care to complete patient management for all patient ages, from neonatal to geriatric.
  • Provide surgical residents with a reference for functioning as teachers, consultants, and above all role models.
  • Guide surgical residents to use research technology and skill in conducting studies that assist in solving surgical problems.
  • Foster continuing education to promote lifelong individual initiative and creative scholarships.

Residents at Presence Saint Francis Hospital