Presence Health

Our "Top 10 List" of Reasons to Choose Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Family Medicine:

  1. Unopposed family medicine training at a large community hospital in the heart of the world-class city of Chicago.
  2. Access to virtually any desired family medicine training experience: Because of the size of the medical center, the scope and volume of its services, the absence of other medical residencies, and the strengths of our two continuity practices, you are well-positioned to train broadly.
  3. Nearly 70 combined years of family medicine residency training program experience: Our predecessors — Saint Elizabeth and Saint Mary's programs — have successfully trained family medicine residents since the early days of the discipline.
  4. Strong obstetrics training experience: A busy 1400 delivery/year inpatient unit (with our family medicine team serving as the only residents on the unit), an eight-physician obstetrics-practicing Family medicine faculty team, supportive Obstetrics/Gynecology specialty faculty, busy resident continuity obstetric practices, and a strong didactic program all combine to provide you with excellent obstetrical training.
  5. Innovative Night Float system: All inpatient services — including internal medicine, critical care, obstetrics, and pediatrics/neonatology — include a balanced, livable night float rotation system. No resident at any level ever takes 24-hour call at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth.
  6. Resident-driven program change and improvement: The culture in the family medicine program is to encourage resident involvement and foster resident leadership skills at all levels, including management of day-to-day clinical operations, residency committee and workgroup involvement, ongoing dialogue with residency and hospital leadership, and hospital committee involvement, to name a few.
  7. Warm, engaging, and available faculty: We regard it as an absolute necessity for our faculty — both family medicine and subspecialty — to be supportive and available to you. For example, two family medicine attendings are always on-call for the residency (one for Internal Medicine/Critical Care, one for Obstetrics and Pediatrics) 24-7-365 to provide guidance and support to the resident inpatient teams. Our family medicine faculty work alongside of you in both continuity practices. Our structured Advisor-Advisee program encourages your professional development. Informal interaction between residents and faculty occurs daily.
  8. Re-designed residency curriculum that exceeds ACGME requirements: Our three-year curriculum substantially exceeds the ACGME requirements for training in Family Medicine in several key areas — including internal medicine, critical care, obstetrics, and community medicine. Other areas that are key to your future practice (for example, emergency medicine, pediatrics/neonatology, geriatrics, behavioral science, and practice management) have been significantly enhanced to ensure that you are well-prepared for your future practice needs.
  9. Outstanding real-life preparation for your future: We expect our graduates to be thoroughly trained in the full scope of family medicine. We provide you with two site options for your continuity practice, both of which offer a broad range of patients with a diverse payor mix. We provide you with substantial inpatient volumes in medicine, critical care, obstetrics, and pediatrics/neonatology. We provide you with an integrated didactic curriculum to guide your learning process. While you will train in the heart of a major city, the breadth of your experiences at the medical center will amply prepare you to assume responsibilities as a family medicine physician anywhere in the country, in any practice situation.
  10. Make a difference from your first day: From your very first day as a first-year resident — whether you find yourself in your continuity clinic or in the hospital — you are viewed as the primary physician. You will be responsible for making initial patient assessments, formulating initial patient care plans or having your "hands-on" during procedures. You will follow your patients in continuity across different stages of life, in different settings, modeling the attending family physician role even as a trainee. You will be supervised commensurate with your level of training, but your role as a family physician begins on the first day of your residency.