Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency Program at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center! Established in 2008, our program actually has deep roots in the community, having been created through the integration of two established residencies that together had more than 60 years combined experience training family doctors. And while the training we offer is delivered in a vibrant, inner city environment, we believe it imparts the skills and confidence needed to practice in any setting.

Presence Family medicine at Saints Mary and Elizabeth is the hospital's only medical training program (the medical center also sponsors a podiatry residency and hosts visiting internal medicine residents in the ICU). This arrangement distinguishes us from most other programs in Chicago. Being essentially "unopposed" means that residents receive extensive hands-on experience and personal attention from faculty, attendings and hospital staff. Our unique environment also fosters a culture of "patient ownership." From the moment they enter the program, residents are encouraged to accept responsibility for patient care. We believe that developing competency and confidence can only come from being accountable to patients and their families. At Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth, residents grow personally and professionally because they become a part of our community, supported by their peers and mentored by family medicine faculty and a committed group of subspecialists who enjoy their roles as teachers.

SMEMC is a technologically advanced community hospital located in an exciting and culturally diverse area just minutes away from downtown Chicago. Our location offers residents the opportunity to treat people from many different backgrounds with a broad range of medical needs. In addition to seeing patients at one of two community-based clinics in the area, residents may also rotate at other area hospitals, as well as learn about our patients through interactions with community groups. Candidates interested in the care of underserved populations and cross-cultural medicine will find the program especially appealing.

Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth offers a well-rounded training experience that emphasizes community-based care in an urban setting. However, our graduates have found that the experience translates into employment opportunities across the country, including rural, suburban and inner city locations. We believe that the curriculum provides exciting possibilities for challenge, growth, and discovery - all designed to prepare you to be a skilled, caring family doctor.

For more information, please contact our coordinator of medical education, Jennifer Ueunten, at 312.770.2858 or smefmr@presencehealth.org.


Michael Friedman, M.D.
Family Medicine Residency Program