Presence Health

PGY1: Class of 2021


Angeline Babuji, D.O.

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  Loyola University Chicago - B.S. in Biology with Molecular Biology Emphasis and Psychology, Minor in Chemistry

Medical School:  Midwestern University - Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, getting involved in church activities, watching TV, movies, and YouTube, shopping, diving into a good book/series when I get time

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  During my interview day, everyone seemed genuinely nice and caring. From the start, having a collaborative, supportive environment was one of my top requirements in choosing a program. I knew that this program would help me to become a well-rounded physician with a strong curriculum, supportive attendings, and caring residents. Also, I went to LUC for college, so it's pretty great to have that Lakefront view and city vibe once again!

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  I really love the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry. Pretty much any tourist site is pretty cool! I feel like Chicago is where anyone can find something to do within their niche of interest. Music, food, art, sports, etc. We got it all!

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  I'd probably be a teacher in an elementary school or a college somewhere.


Steve Chacko, M.D.

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  Saint Louis University, BA in Biology, Minor in Music

Medical School:  Creighton University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests:  Playing/listening to music, Chicago sports, watching Jeopardy

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  During my interview, I noticed that the attendings and residents had a great rapport, and the program’s size made it so everyone knew each other really well. I felt like that would be the ideal situation to learn, and I could not be happier with where I ended up. Also being in the middle of Lakeview/Lincoln Park is a pretty nice setup. 

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  The Bean

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Playing music/touring/traveling the world until I ran out of money, stay-at-home Dad


Karisa Falden, D.O.

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  Florida International University- B.S. in Biology, B.A in Psychology;  Grad:  Midwestern University- M.A in Biomedical Sciences

Medical School:  Midwestern University- Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hobbies/Interests:  Exploring Chicago with my dog, traveling the world, finding new recipes to try out

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  Patient diversity and location

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  Walking along Lakeshore Dr.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Relator or marriage counselor


Francis Antony, MD

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S. in Biology with Minor in Chemistry

Medical School:  Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests:  I love discovering new music and listening to genres outside of my usual tastes. Also, despite having lived in Chicago for several years, I’m still keen on exploring what else the city has to offer (restaurants, live shows, festivals, etc.). When I want to stay active, I try to play tennis when I get the chance.

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  It’s hard during residency interviews to truly get a sense of the program you’re applying to. What made it especially difficult for me was the “performative” aspect of interviewing: you basically have to keep up the theatrics of being a “great candidate,” constantly pre-occupying yourself about the way you look, the way you speak, and the way you behave around others. It can make the whole experience feel stiff and artificial. What made Saint Joseph stand out, as cliché as it may sound, is how comfortable the program made me feel as soon as I arrived on my interview day. I didn’t feel the same sort of anxiety that I did at my other interviews where I always felt like I had to prove myself or give the perfect answer to every question. Instead, the faculty and residents were so approachable and friendly that I felt comfortable in my own skin, in being the person who I really was rather than some sort of idealistic image of a residency candidate. And if I was going to spend three years of my life at a program, I wanted it to at least be a place where I felt a sense of comfort. Looking back, I definitely made the right choice.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  If you’ve had a long day and you just want to go somewhere to unwind and enjoy yourself I would definitely recommend the Laugh Factory, a comedy club not too far from the hospital that features a lot of great local stand-ups.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  As I mentioned before, one of my favorite hobbies is listening to music. Despite having no professional training in production, I always thought it would be interesting to work in the industry as a music producer.


Ron Rosenberg, M.D.

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  University of Wisconsin-Madison B.A. in Psychology; Certificate (minor) in Integrated Liberal Studies

Medical School:  Virginia Commonwealth University

Hobbies/Interests:  My hobbies are a huge part of who I am. I really enjoy playing piano, playing basketball/softball/soccer/football, learning languages (I speak Hebrew and some Italian), and traveling. Between 4th year of medical school and intern year, I took 2 months to travel the country and visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  Everyone says the residents, and that's definitely true in my case, but it's only a part of why I chose St. Joe's. The attendings all get along splendidly with residents, and love explaining their decisions instead of simply telling you what to do. It's really nice being on a team where there's no intimidation factor. Everyone is also always looking out for each other too, from the health of the interns to helping third years navigate preparing for the post-residency world. The hospital is also in one of the best parts of the city, which really makes going in to work every day that much better. It's important to just find the program where you make good connections, and I had plenty of great interactions during my interview here.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  I'm a huge sports fan, so I'm always trying to go to a Bulls, Blackhawks, or Sox game. I also play intramural basketball and softball with friends. Outside of that, I enjoy going to the Shedd Aquarium or the Art Institute, as well as exploring the different neighborhoods and bar scenes on the weekends

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  I would either be a clinical psychologist or a film director, two paths I seriously considered in college before deciding on medicine as my career.


Anna Wijatyk, M.D.

Undergrad/Grad School/Degree:  Southern Adventist University, BS Biochemistry

Medical School:  Loma Linda School of Medicine, MD

Hobbies/Interests:  I love everything that involves water or nature, cooking, baking, traveling, swimming, singing.

Why I chose Saint Joseph:  During my interview day, I was impressed by how friendly and happy the residents were at this program. I was also attracted to the strong inpatient and outpatient curriculum. The faculty is supportive and knowledgeable and we get to serve a uniquely socioeconomically diverse population. The location is also amazing!

Favorite place or activity in Chicago:  Running the lake front, visiting all the amazing museums, walking down Michigan Avenue, and the architecture tours.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  I would have done international non-profit work. Or event planning.


PGY2: Class of 2020

Daniella Brutman

Daniella Brutman, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: Lake Forest College, Majors in Neuroscience and Biology

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University  

Hobbies/Interests: Baking, movies, and reading 

Why I chose Saint Joseph: I didn’t know too much about the program going in, but it was the only interview that I walked out of feeling comfortable and actually wanting to continue talking to everyone I had met. Additionally, the patient population is great and clinic allows you to see patients of all ages. (Plus the location didn’t hurt!)

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: I love trying new restaurants, and Chicago has plenty of new restaurants popping up all of the time. Any place with a rooftop and fire pit is generally an automatic favorite. 

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  I probably would have gone to culinary school and opened a bakery. 

Jackson Bemler

Jackson Demler, DO

Undergrad School/Degree: Montana State University; Bachelors Biomedical sciences

Medical School: University of Pikeville   

Hobbies/Interests: Anything active outside, especially if mountains are involved.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: I applied to St. Joseph after reading the resident profiles, they seemed very happy with their placement and training. They also seemed like fun people to work with. I got a really good vibe from all the residents and faculty during my interview and had a great time visiting Chicago for the first time so I am happy to have matched here.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: I do a lot of running along Lake Michigan. Rooftop bars and exploring the endless variety of restaurants in Chicago has been fun.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Either working for the forest service or trapping for pelts.

Kyle Hocquard

Kyle Hocquard, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: Rice University BA Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Hispanic Studies

Medical School: McGovern Medical School (University of Texas – Houston) MD

Hobbies/Interests: Biking, walking, playing with my cat, aquascaping and gardening, watching funny or interesting videos on YouTube, League of Legends, being terrible at Starcraft.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: Chicago was a huge draw for me, considering its cultural and architectural appeal, its density and urban amenities, its racial and ideological diversity.  I had friends who previously lived in Lakeview/Lincoln Park, and they often described the beautiful neighborhoods and unique offerings around the hospital. 

Even more importantly, I felt a tremendous connection with the residents and interviewers at Saint Joseph during my time in the city.  These are going to become extremely important people in your life, and you should try to envision them as potential future coworkers, mentors and friends.  Take some time to think about the kind of people you want to work and play with, and why.  You won’t find a smarter, more accepting, fun-loving, cohesive bunch anywhere.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: Riding Divvy around town, finding new routes, neighborhoods, unique buildings and parks.  Riding a bike makes me feel free and alive, and Chicago is stunning to explore on two wheels.  It’s a great way to connect with nature and the city, as well as stay active.  Sell your car.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Professional Divvy bike tester.  But seriously, probably an astrophysicist.  Maybe a real-estate developer.  Neuroscientist?  Vertical farmer?

Adam Kosteva

Adam Kosteva, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: University of Michigan, BS in Biology

Medical School: Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago

Hobbies/Interests: Music, Film, Cosmology, and my dog “Blue”.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: Everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful, and laid back which creates a fun, supportive, and comfortable place to train. Its a close-knit group with a great sense of humor. This place felt like “home” when I interviewed here.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: If you ever want to see what pure happiness is, go to Montrose Dog Beach, even if you don’t have a dog.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Maybe I would have been an architect, a cinematographer, a cab driver, or living in the middle of nowhere in the woods out west.

Adam Kosteva

Rajitha Kota, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: University of Wisconsin; Biology, Political Science

Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Hobbies/Interests: I love traveling (especially road trips - even if I have to fly somewhere first), hiking, taking pictures, cooking, spending way too much time on the internet and watching TV, trying new restaurants, and reading.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: Everyone probably says this, but I honestly like Saint Joseph because of the people I get to work with. We have very supportive attendings and residents and it’s easy to learn things and throw ideas around in a low pressure environment. The patient population we serve is diverse, both economically and ethnically, and it always makes for an interesting day in the hospital or at clinic. I also love Chicago and am very happy to be able to call it home!

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: Shedd aquarium! Also, trying new restaurants, exploring all the different neighborhoods, and being near the lakefront.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  If I hadn’t gone into medicine, I would have become an interior designer. Or a graphic designer. Definitely something having to do with design! 

Thomas Schoenhofen

Thomas Schoenhofen, DO

Undergrad School/Degree: Marquette University, Major: Biomedical Sciences, Minor: Psychology 

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Watching Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls games. I like food so checking out local restaurants and breweries or attempting to cook. I would like to get back into playing golf at some point. Rewatching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the 100th time. Getting back into reading, mainly historical non-fiction, as well. 

Why I chose Saint Joseph: Everyone I met was very nice and welcoming during the interview process. I was looking for programs that were on the smaller side where the residents would spend time together and that was the impression I got at St. Joe's. I got the impression that all the residents really worked together and the interactions between residents as well as between the residents and Attendings were great. I really felt like the program was a great learning environment as well, I really liked the diverse patient population you see here.   Being in the city is a plus too. 

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: Being from the Chicagoland area I'm a big Cubs fan so Wrigley Field is my #1 favorite place in the city. I also enjoy the Museum Campus area, probably the Planetarium the most. 

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Probably would have gone into education, most likely a high school science teacher. I like to cook so culinary school would have also been a possibility. 

PGY3: Class of 2019

Steven Broderick, MD

Steven Broderick, MD
Chief Resident

Undergrad School/Degree: Washington University in St. Louis, BA in Biology, Archaeology

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Hobbies/Interests: Laughing, beach volleyball, playing board games, sightseeing and travel, rollercoasters, listening to top 100 radio hits

Why I chose Saint Joseph: Saint Joseph was my final family medicine residency interview and I clearly saved the best for last!  Each faculty member that I interviewed with had me beaming with a smile.  Everyone was so kind, genuine, easy to talk to, and fun!  I knew right away that I had found the perfect team!  Being from the south side of Chicago, I was very eager to come back home for residency.  Not only is there a very diverse patient population and well-rounded training, but the amazing views of Lake Michigan from the hospital also cannot be beat!

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: Rooftop lounging!  I also enjoy the city's tourist sites even though I am from the Chicago suburbs!

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now:  Runway model, because I have legs for days, Part-time reality TV show contestant, and real estate on the side.


Tamara Martinez, MD

Tamara Martinez, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: Loyola University New Orleans, B.A. in Psychology and Sociology

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, touring Chicago (I love the summers here!), journaling, reading, movies (comedy and adventure!), home improvement projects (Home Depot/Lowes rank high on my favorite places to shop:), fashion (clothes), and any outdoor activity.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: The residents, faculty, and staff have all been great! I actually look forward to going to work. Though the work is challenging, the faculty are very supportive and there is a strong sense of camaraderie among the residents. We have a lot of fun together both at work and outside of the hospital setting. Another huge plus is the location! When I go home, I have the option of making the most of my free time since I am minutes from the beach, Lincoln Park zoo, restaurants, and shopping on Michigan Ave! The location definitely makes it feasible to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Lastly, I really enjoy our diverse patient population. Overall, I feel blessed to be in this program.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: I have many favorites including: comedy at The Second City, eating ice cream and afterwards biking along Lake Michigan, picnics and watching the sunrise/sunset over the lake, and dancing at The Green Mill and Kingston Mines!

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now: Criminal profiling. Maybe acting.


Anastasia Munoz, MD

Anastasia Muñoz, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: Loyola University Chicago, Spanish Language and Literature BA, and a Biological Sciences Minor

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: I most enjoy practicing yoga and going to salsa and other dance classes whenever I can. I am also constantly buying cookbooks and trying out new recipes, one of my favorite parts about traveling to different countries is trying new dishes and recreating them at home.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: I chose to come to Saint Joseph Hospital for residency because of the people I met at the program, it was important to me to find people I would enjoy working with daily. This residency program is very supportive of residents and I am convinced that the training I am receiving now will set me up well for the future.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: I have lived in this city for so long that almost every neighborhood holds a good memory and a special place for me. Having recently moved to Lakeview/Lincoln Park, the Lakefront has become a new favorite.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now: If I were not in medicine I would have liked to exercise my creativity and design furniture from reclaimed wood, I think that would have been a fun and satisfying business. Otherwise, I would have gone off to Hawaii or Mexico and become a full time scuba diving instructor and just played in the ocean all day.


Ken Polezoes, MD

Ken Polezoes, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: IUPUI / B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: I like football, but have become used to disappointment as a Bears fan. I really like to cook and love watching cooking shows. I’m pretty big into board games, comic books, fantasy and sci-fi books, video games, and basically anything else nerdy. I try to stay current on Game of Thrones and Big Bang as much as I can. Oh and I’m also a cat person.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: I chose Saint Joseph for a couple of different reasons. Mainly because I really loved the people. I did a Sub-I there and got to spend a good amount of time getting to know everyone. I felt included from day one and everyone was really nice. We do a lot of inpatient medicine, which I love to do, but there’s always a balance with our outpatient clinic so things stay varied. Plus it’s in Chicago so it’s close to home for me, being from NW Indiana. And as crazy as it sounds, I love driving up and down Lake Shore Drive, getting to see the sun come up or go down on the lake.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: It’s hard to pick, but I’d say it’s a tie between the Science and Industry or the Art Museums depending on what exhibits are rotating through. I love going to see shows too whenever I can squeeze one in. And all the different food options around town don’t hurt either.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now: If I hadn’t gone into medicine I’d probably be doing something in engineering to pay the bills…maybe? I honestly have a hard time thinking about my life as anything else with how happy I am right now.  Maybe something a bit more on the creative side. I like to draw and would have loved to do more art in college if I had a chance to go through it all again. Or I might try to write a book. Although I’m not sure I could come up with a unique enough story that I was writing my own original instead of a re-telling of one of my favorites. Or potentially try my hand at culinary school. Luckily I’m truly happy right where I am, and could still try to get a story written down or some sketches done in my free time if I’m feeling in the mood.


Tessa Qualkinbush

Tessa Qualkinbush, MD

Undergrad School/Degree: Indiana University, Biology

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Wasting endless time on the internet, trying new restaurants, spending possibly too much time with my cats.

Why I chose Saint Joseph: I found it nearly impossible to distinguish programs based on their curricula, schedules, and academic offerings. I also realized that I would have a very hard time learning at all if I wasn't in a comfortable environment where I felt free to ask questions. From the interview day, it was clear to me that St Joseph provided a warm, friendly, comfortable environment where I could easily accomplish my goals. The attendings were all equally knowledgeable and approachable and the residents all seemed so happy, laidback and relatable. This program just felt like the perfect fit for my personality. The great location didn't hurt either!

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: I absolutely love the Art Institute and could easily spend an entire day there... maybe with an occasional break to go shopping on Michigan Avenue. During the summer, I love taking long walks along the lake and enjoying the scenery.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now: It wasn't until I got to medical school that I realized what social workers really did. Now that I've seen how much they help people while they're in the hospital, I really admire what they do and I do wonder if that's a field I would have enjoyed too. I truly believe they address and serve patients' holistic needs in ways that are often more helpful than any medication we could prescribe.


Ricardo Salgado, MD

Ricardo Salgado, MD
Chief Resident

Undergrad School/Degree: University of Chicago, B.A. in Biological Sciences with Specialization in Microbiology

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with family and friends, food, traveling, movies, auto mechanics, software, electronics

Why I chose Saint Joseph: During med school rotations, I always found the people here to be unbelievably friendly and supportive. All of the residents had great things to say about the program. Now, being on the other side I can say I am glad I chose Presence Saint Joseph. My colleagues are amazing, caring, supportive and fun. Everyone takes the time to teach and most importantly make you feel comfortable asking questions anytime day or night.

Favorite place or activity in Chicago: One of my favorite pastimes in Chicago is visiting family and friends. The city, its neighborhoods, attractions and lakefront are beautiful settings to do it in.

If I had not gone into medicine what I would be doing now: I'd likely be teaching Physiology or received my MBA and pursued business. Or maybe I'd be fighting fires in Reedy Creek.