Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center

The Spiritual Care staff at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center is available 24/7 to help staff, patients, and family members, and accompany them on their spiritual journeys. Chaplains are willing to listen to concerns about spiritual/religious matters. Our Spiritual Care staff also work closely with the clergy of the community in caring for people.

Spiritual Care is available for:

  • Spiritual, ethical, and religious needs
  • Grief support and debriefing
  • Education in the areas of spirituality, grief and loss, ethics, and Advance Directives
  • Prayer
  • Use of chapel

When to contact Spiritual Care:

  • Issues related to God or faith
  • When a clergy member needs to be called
  • Someone to pray with
  • For support
  • Dealing with issues of grief or loss
  • Dealing with stress
  • When receiving difficult news
  • When working through ethical issues
  • When discussing Advance Medical Directives
  • Interdisciplinary patient and family consultations

The chapel is available for patients, staff, and visitors for quiet meditation and prayer.

If you have questions, or for non-urgent issues, please contact one of our chaplains in the Spiritual Care Department at 312.770.2588.

For urgent issues, please contact your nurse or dial “0” for the operator and ask that the chaplain on call be paged.

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