Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center

Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
2233 W Division St 
Chicago, IL 60622

Our team of experienced pediatricians and family practitioners provide children with high quality care in a warm, loving environment. We offer a wide range of care that covers everything from routine immunizations to treatment for common childhood illnesses.


Emergency Care, Special focus on children

For parent with children, Medical Center emergency room doctors provide the latest diagnosis and treatment for pediatric fever, asthma. and trauma. Our nurses are educated in the care of and we have pediatricians available on site at all times to assist with seriously ill youngsters.


Inpatient Pediatric Care

The Saint Mary Campus provides thirteen private rooms for Pediatric patients. Located on the hospital's 12th floor, the unit also houses a Pediatric playroom, and a Pediatric examination and pretesting room for Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery patients. Pediatric staff provides patient care to children from infancy through adolescence. Pediatric patients requiring intensive care are transferred to nearby hospitals with a Pediatric intensive Care Unit and are transported by a Pediatric Transport Team.

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