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New Vision Medical Stabilization Service

If your life has been disrupted by drugs or alcohol, we can help.

The use and abuse of alcohol, street drugs and prescription drugs can disrupt your life in many ways. Loss of jobs, breakup of marriages and families, diminishing self-esteem and loss of a loved one can result from the continued abuse of substances without proper treatment. However, with medical stabilization and an ongoing desire to remain free of the burden of substance use, you can resume and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is New Vision?

New Vision is an emergency medical stabilization service for adults 18 and over who are suffering from a serious substance use problem. New Vision is a confidential, voluntary service.

During a short inpatient stay, patients receive care for:

  • Physical addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Addiction-related health problems

What is medical stabilization?

Abuse of drugs or alcohol can create profound changes in the chemistry of the brain and body. The first step in recovery from addiction is to medically stabilize physical withdrawal symptoms. Because there can be uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and dangerous side effects from this process, the safest and most effective way to medically stabilize a patient is through a hospital-based, medically supervised unit like New Vision.

Doctors, nurses and counselors — who are specially trained in addiction medicine — are available around the clock. They know how to make our you as comfortable as possible during this difficult time and are well-equipped to handle any medical issues that arise. The medical stabilization process usually takes about three days.

How can I tell if a person needs medical stabilization?

Your friend, co-worker or family member may need to seek help if any of the following statements is true. Please feel free to call us if the person you are concerned about:

  • has a history of withdrawal symptoms
  • has a living situation that is not conducive to outpatient medical stabilization
  • also has a serious medical condition
  • has a high tolerance for mood-altering substances

How does New Vision work?

A patient presenting to New Vision receives a full assessment comprised of a medical history, a physical examination, a complete lab workup and a nursing evaluation. Once admitted, patients experience a safe withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol over a three-day, medically supervised hospital stay in a secure environment. Throughout their stay, patients are provided 24-hour-a-day care and support for all of their physical, psychological and emotional needs.

Patient education is conducted by our treatment team, which includes a physician, registered nurse, certified alcohol and drug counselor and mental health counselor. All patients receive written medication and discharge instructions, along with appropriate referrals for continuing recovery.

What happens after treatment?

Medical stabilization is only the first step in recovery from addiction. Before patients leave the hospital, the medical team works with the patient to create a personalized discharge plan, including referrals to appropriate community based inpatient and/or outpatient rehabilitation programs. These programs provide the counseling, support and ongoing treatment needed to prevent relapse.

Admissions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Services are provided for all eligible patients 18 years and up regardless of race, creed, color, sex, handicap or ability to pay.

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