Happy baby. Happy mom.

Having a baby is an incredible experience. We’re here to help make this special time the happiest it can be for you and your new baby.

The Family Birthplace at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital delivers high-touch, high-tech care one family at a time. An expert team of board-certified physicians, specialists, nurses and other caregivers provide personalized, one-on-one care before, during and after pregnancy. Advanced technology available on the unit includes a sophisticated fetal monitoring system and state-of-the-art ultrasound capability.

The Family Birthplace at Presence Saint Joseph: Why Choose Us

  • Labor/delivery/recovery/post-partum (LDRP) suites: Stay in the same room with your new baby and enjoy the comforts of home with a TV/VCR, fold-out bed for a visitor and shower.
  • 24-hour anesthesiologist and neonatologist: Our anesthesiologists and high-risk newborn specialist are available around the clock.
  • Level III NICU: We have the ability to care for premature infants as young as 23 weeks gestation in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Presence Saint Joseph Hospital is a Level III Perinatal Facility, the highest designation a hospital can receive. Our NICU has the capacity to care for high-risk mothers and premature babies. In addition, we have:
    • The ability to care for babies with low birth weight, congenital abnormalities, babies requiring ventilator assistance or surgery and other medical complications.
    • The ability to care for high-risk mothers, including women over age 40, women carrying multiples and women with diabetes, high blood pressure or other complications.
    • Multidisciplinary care teams available 24/7, including maternal-fetal specialists, specially-trained obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, respiratory therapists, dietitians and nurses.
  • Rest and relaxation: We want to make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation after delivery. Each afternoon, you’ll enjoy a quiet hour with no hospital staff interruptions, followed by tea and scones.
  • Dedicated maternal/child educator: To teach you how to care for yourself and your new baby before heading home.
  • Breastfeeding support: Lactation specialists and consultations available.
  • Gestational diabetes education and support
  • Classes: We offer several classes to help you get ready for the big event, including prepared childbirth in English and Spanish, infant CPR, newborn care, sibling preparation, breastfeeding and more. 
  • For more information, to schedule a tour, find a doctor or register for a class, call 877.737.4636 (INFO).

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