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Community Visioning

Community Visioning Photo with Kids   Community Visioning Photo with senior Women

Over a week in June, more than 500 members of the Presence Resurrection Medical Center community offered their ideas for improving the hospital campus and engaging partners in our neighborhood. More than a thousand suggestions were generated, which form the basis of a shared vision for the future of the hospital and the health of our community.

Some more immediate ideas include upgrading the WiFi and adding bike racks, while other ideas will take several years to be realized. Nevertheless, they are all part of the same vision to help our hospital and community flourish.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision for Presence Resurrection Medical Center, based on the input received during Community Visioning, will strengthen the hospital’s identity by investing in key operational and facility improvements that help meet the needs identified by the community. Core elements of this shared vision include:

  • Modernize emergency and surgical services
  • Improve wayfinding and navigation within the hospital and throughout the campus
  • Create a clear front entrance for the hospital
  • Foster better connections to the neighborhood: referrals for services, more engagement with schools, parishes, and businesses, and health education for the community
  • Enhance the welcoming atmosphere by implementing the Presence Experience
  • Maintain services for a full continuum of care for our intergenerational community
  • Utilize the conference center and other public space for community use
  • Create active designs for the campus perimeter, including a walking path

Realizing this vision will require the work and dedication of many stakeholders—but we are committed, and we’ve already begun. Some of your ideas can be implemented quickly, while others will take time to be realized.

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