Presence Mercy Medical Center


When your child or teen needs help, we’re here for you.

From depression to anxiety and other related conditions, we can help kids and teens get the care they need. We offer programs for children and teens ages 5 and older.


Inpatient services

girl looking out windowChildren and teens may need the safety and structure of 24-hour care, including diagnosis, crisis stabilization, medication education and management, individual staffing, case management and discharge planning. While in the hospital, children and teens receive individual, group and intensive family therapy. Occupational, recreational and leisure skills therapies also are a part of the program.

Individualized treatment plans are guided by a psychiatrist and supervised by a medical director. A certified teacher from our tutorial school helps children with assigned schoolwork and acts as a liaison with their schools.


Outpatient services

For times when 24-hour care is not necessary, or when a step-down level of care is helpful after hospitalization, we offer intensive outpatient services that help with evaluation and stabilization. Services include crisis stabilization, schooling, medication education and weekend and discharge planning. Patients learn anger management, stress management, coping skills, communication and social skills. Therapies include individual, family, group, occupational, recreational and leisure.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Learning Disabilities Program

Many young people struggle with impulsive behavior, which can lead to difficulties in life. We can help children and teens manage their ADHD and help them stay on track. Children and teens with ADHD have trouble regulating their behavior, attention or hyperactive impulses.

Our diagnostic and support center provides tools for patients ages 3-21 and their families to help manage ADHD and co-existing conditions. Following assessment and diagnosis, medication may be prescribed as needed. Support and education for the family and school is an integral part of the treatment plan. The center is managed by a pediatric nurse practitioner in collaboration with a psychiatric medical director.


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To schedule an ADHD assessment, call 630.801.2556.