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When is Extended Hospital Care Needed?

Occasionally, patients have a need for an extended hospital stay due to a recent catastrophic illness, injury, trauma or unexpected medical complications. Often, these patients are in need of extended hospitalization and are too ill to go into rehabilitation, a skilled nursing facility, or a subacute residential setting or other lower level of care. Clearly, the unique medical and rehabilitative needs of these types of patients require specialized hospital care for optimal recovery. This is where Presence Holy Family Medical Center meets the unique needs of the patients.

Presence Holy Family Medical Center combines specialized expertise with the personalized, patient-focused attention. As a long-term acute care hospital, we are the most appropriate setting for the chronically ill or seriously injured patient with special needs because we offer a range of services through coordinated and focused care teams.

At Presence Holy Family, we treat the whole patient, (physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially) by providing an interdisciplinary team of expert health care professionals under the direction of a physician. We focus on each patient individually and deliver intensive respiratory, nursing and rehabilitative therapies to promote optimal recovery.

The staff involves the patient and family in the treatment by helping everyone understand the care that will be given and by enlisting participation in creating a personalized treatment plan.

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