Presence Covenant Medical Center


How Presence Covenant Medical Center Contributes to Our Economy and Community

Presence Covenant Medical Center invests in the health of our community in many ways. We provide essential medical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide a variety of innovative preventive and community services that improve the health of citizens. 

An increasingly important way Presence Covenant Medical Center keeps our community healthy is by supporting the local and state economies. We are a vigorous economic engine for our community and for Illinois. 

This report, prepared with assistance of the Illinois Hospital Association, highlights the significant role Presence Covenant Medical Center plays in our community. It identifies and measures the direct involvement of our hospital on the local economy and demonstrates the "ripple" effect of the dollars the health care sector brings into the community and the jobs it helps create. In addition, it illustrates the ways we provide for a safe, stable, and healthy community.     

Read the complete report.   

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District has performed a Community Health Needs Assessment, showing their strategic approach to a healthy and safe community.

Community Benefit

Community benefits are programs or activities that provide treatment, promote health and healing, and/or improve access to care in response to an identified community need. View the 2012 Community Benefit Plan for Presence Covenant Medical Center. The 2011 Community Benefit Plan is available as well.