Presence Health

Our expertise

Presence Health is committed to delivering an excellent experience through quality health care services, technological advancements and comprehensive options for our patients and residents. Here's a few ways we stand out:

Resources for physicians

We offer innovative opportunities for physicians and health care professionals through clinical integration, our accountable care organization (ACO) and population health management. Learn more about Presence Health Partners, our clinically integrated physician-led contracting organization here.

Comprehensive stroke care

We offer advanced technology and minimally invasive surgical procedures that lesson the damaging effects of neuorological disorders and stroke. Telestroke allow stroke symptoms to be monitored remotely by a vascular neurologist. Several Presence Health hospitals are designated Primary Stroke Centers, recognizing their ability to rapidly diagnose, treat, and in some cases, stop a stroke. Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet has a Neurosciences Institute in partnership with University of Illinois at Chicago whose specialists have gained international recognition for their care. 

Chest pain centers

Many of Presence Health's hospitals have earned national recognition for quality heart care, including high ratings for open heart surgery. The accreditation comes from the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC). The accreditation process ensures centers meet or exceed quality-of-care standards in acute cardiac medicine. Presence hospitals demonstrated expertise and commitment to quality patient care through a wide set of stringent criteria and onsite evaluations conducted by SCPC. The goal of the SCPC is to significantly reduce the mortality rate of heart attack patients by teaching people to recognize and react to the early symptoms of a possible heart attack, reduce the time that it takes to receive treatment, and increase the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment. 

Behavioral health network

Presence Health has one of the largest behavioral health networks in the State of Illinois. We provide comprehensive care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including programs for mental health and addiction services.

Robotic surgery

Several Presence Health hospitals offer physicians the opportunity to perform robotic-assisted surgery. The benefits of this surgery include greater surgical precision, increased range of motion for the physician, enhanced visualization for the physician, and improved access to hard to reach areas of the body. Some of our surgeons have been the first in the country to perform surgeries using the robotic system.

Care continuum

We provide care for people through every stage of life. Whether patients just need a check-up with a physician, physical therapy for a recovering injury or skilled nursing care, Presence Health offers options throughout Illinois to meet the individual needs of patients and residents.

Residency and teaching programs

We not only offer compassionate care to our communities, but we provide a space for our health care professionals to begin their careers with us through our comprehensive residency programs and advance their skills through hands-on teaching opportunities. Learn more.


These are just a few of the ways we demonstrate innovation. Contact us to learn more.