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Return to Optimal Health with Expert Surgical Care  

Nationally Recognized Physicians in Diverse Specialty Areas

AA RecoveryMany of our surgeons practice in highly specialized areas and have received extensive training and certifications that have earned our health system countless designations, such as being ranked in the top 5% of hospitals nationwide for heart surgery. 

Faster Recovery through Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedures

Many of our patients enjoy alternatives to overnight hospitalization thanks to our advanced medical technology, new anesthetics that are easier on the body and a focus on minimally invasive approaches. Our outpatient surgery centers allow us to provide expert care that gets you home the same day to recover in the comfort of your own home.

Revolutionary Robotics

Robotics are changing the landscape of surgery and Presence Health surgeons are leading the way. We’re proud of the expertise and ground-breaking procedures our surgeons have performed using the revolutionary da Vinci® Si™ Robotic Surgical System. From gallbladder removal to prostate surgery, our surgeons are able to complete complex, delicate procedures that deliver excellent results with quicker recovery, less pain, shorter hospital stays and less scarring.

Advanced Surgical Facilities

Surgery-Doctor with XRayOur surgery centers can accommodate every surgical specialty and are complete with specialized labs for gastroenterology, specialized bariatric surgical suites and private post-anesthesia recovery units.

Comfortable, Convenient Care

We understand undergoing surgery is a stressful time, so we have created an environment of unmatched comfort and a simplified process to help our patients feel amazingly at ease. Our convenient scheduling and in-hospital pre-surgery /laboratory testing give you less to manage, and our detailed guidance about what to expect before and after surgery puts your mind at ease so there are no surprises.

Find Surgical Excellence Close to Home

Relief is right around the corner. Find a location below, or request an appointment and we’ll point you to a specialist near you: