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Do I need to do anything if I already have HAIKU or CANTO installed?

Yes, to view all the new features and functionalities you must be on a 4.1 client version or later and must have your device configured to the new Presence Health server. Refer to the Getting Started with Mobile Apps section to get started.

Why do I have a different view than my Colleague?

Ensure a client version of 4.1 or later is installed. Haiku iOS, Haiku Android, and Canto vary in feature compatibility. Refer to the Features and Functionalities section to see your devices compatibility.

How do I know what version I am on?

Visit your app or play store to view your downloaded version.

iPhone, iPod, & iPad: settings -> Haiku -> Version

Android: Haiku -> settings (available on login screen) -> About -> version

What can I customize?

Settings vary on type of device. Most devices allow you to customize initial activity when opening app, dashboard activities, push notifications, microphone settings, camera settings, and theme.

iPad: Settings -> Canto

iPhone/iPod: Settings -> Haiku

Android: Settings -> Apps -> Haiku -> Permissions & Notifications; some settings are within Haiku, such as, initial screen.


Will images, conversations, notes, or other data be save to my mobile device?

No, all data is saved on a secured BLOB server.

Will the images get saved to the patient’s chart?

Yes, images will appear in chart review on the media tab. The image will be automatically linked to an open encounter.

How do I get my camera to work with the app?

If you’re using an Android, the setting may be turned off.

Settings -> Apps -> Haiku -> Permissions -> turn on camera

Can images be added when creating a Note?

Yes, when using Canto the camera icon is available from the note to capture images. The image will be saved to the patient’s record in chart review on the media tab and a link leading to the image will additionally be saved within the note.  The image capture option within a note is not available using Haiku but images can be captured using the camera located in the header by the patient’s profile picture.


Secure Chat:

Does Secure Chat (instant messages) get saved to the patient’s chart or legal medical record (LMR)?

No, secure chat conversations are not part of the legal medical record but are discoverable in a legal instance.

Can I add images in a Secure Chat conversation?

No, mobile applications do not currently support the attachment of photos within conversations. Images can be added through clinical images in the patient’s chart and are saved to chart review – media tab.

How do I confirm that I’ve added the correct provider to a secure chat conversation?

When looking up the provider confirm name, specialty, location, and phone number. Recent recipients and treatment team will automatically appear when linking the conversation to the patient’s chart.

From where does secure chat pull provider information?

Providers are searched based on Epic user records (EMP). The system does not identify providers based on provider records (SER) or stored phone numbers. The In Basket activity pulls provider information in a similar fashion.

Who can I message using secure chat?

It is currently available to Physicians, Residents, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Users who have not logged into Haiku or Canto will be grayed out.

Can I save or forward a conversation?

No, secure chat conversations cannot be saved, copied, or forwarded.

Can I use speech-to-text to respond to secure chat messages?

No, speech-to-text is only available in the notes entry activity and is currently available to a limited group for a trial version.



Why can’t I see the Orders activity on my mobile device?

Mobile devices must be compatible to see the activity. The chart below outlines mobile compatibility.



Haiku iOS

Haiku Android



New! Outpatient ePrescribing





New! Outpatient Procedure Ordering





New! Basic Inpatient Meds & Procedures
- Default and suggested Quick Lists
- Inpatient preference lists
- Saved orders
- Searching orders within the system
***Can ONLY edit Order-specific questions & Indications of use or reasons for exam. All other fields must be defaulted to sign the order from Canto.





New! Multiple Pharmacy Support
- Send prescriptions to multiple pharmacies





New! Diagnosis Association/Calculator





What happens if an order is e-prescribed on a mobile device that must be called in?

A phone icon appears next to the order and additionally has a tooltip explaining why the order cannot be e-prescribed. Any order that is incorrectly e-prescribed or did not get through to the pharmacy will be sent to the In Basket.

Why can’t I sign my orders?

Complex orders requiring fields to be address may not supported using mobile devices unless defaulted. You may pend and later sign your orders on a workstation. Order fields, for complex orders, that are defaulted and saved to your Haiku and Canto Preference list on a Hyperspace Workstation will be available on mobile applications to sign.  Medications that cannot be ordered using mobile apps are not listed or returned in search results.

What fields can I edit using mobile apps when placing orders?

Information such as dose, route, frequency, indication for order field can be supported but more complex order fields will need to be pended and signed on a hyperspace workstation.

Why can’t I change the dispense and refill of an e-prescribe medication?

If a medication has default dispense or refill information specified in its medication record or in a preference list associated with the e-prescribing physician, those values appear by default. If the dose, frequency, or duration field can be changed, the dispense amount is calculated again, using a 30 day supply by default.

Can I view formulary and coverage when e-prescribing?

Yes, the patient’s benefits, active and inactive plans are viewable. You have the ability to select primary coverage prior to signing your orders.

Why do I get an error message about the patient being admitted while e-prescribing?

You cannot place mobile e-prescribe orders while the patient is still admitted.

What Can I e-prescribe?


How are medications verified?

As with ordering on a Hyperspace workstation orders are validated after each field change, causing in-line alerts as necessary and Best Practice Advisories (BPA’s) to appear.

(Canto) Why can’t I add patient reported medications to a patient’s chart?

Adding patient-reported medications to the patient’s chart is not yet supported using Canto.


Push Notifications:

How do I not get push notifications on my mobile device?

Ensure you have push notification turned on in your mobile settings. Some are defaulted on or off depending on device.

iPhone & iPod: Settings -> Haiku -> Notifications -> turn on Allow Notifications

Android: Settings -> Apps -> Haiku ->Notifications

iPad: Settings -> Canto -> Notifications -> turn on Allow Notifications

What can I get Push Notifications for?

In Basket:

  1. The result has been marked important manually in Hyperspace by right-clicking an outpatient order and selecting Flag Result Message as Important.
  2. You’ve subscribed to manually receive a push notification in Hyperspace by clicking the bell icon for lab or imaging order results.
  3. The results is marked important or Critical automatically by a BestPractice Advisory as a follow-up action.

Secure Chat:

  1. You have received a new message conversation or your recipient has responded to your latest message.

Will I receive a push notification if I have the app closed?

Yes, if your device is unlocked it will appear as a banner and a number will appear next to the app icon. If your device is locked it will appear on your locked screen.

Will patient sensitive data appear as a notification?

No, the notification will simply tell you to go check for an important result or a new message.

How do I sign up to receive a notification when a lab or image has been resulted?

When placing orders on a hyperspace workstation there will be a bell icon available once selecting a lab or imaging order, prior to signing it. Once resulted you will be notified with a push notification on your mobile device.



Why can’t I pull in a template when creating a note?

Templates and SmartTools are not currently supported by the mobile devices.

Why can’t I see the note I started on a Hypserspace workstation on my mobile device?

Mobile devices do not support notes that are began in on a Hyperspace workstation due to incompatibility. You may begin a note using your mobile device and sign or pend to continuing it on a Hyperspace workstation.

Why can’t I see the note type I need on the provided note type list?

Please contact your Epic team at 847.390.1900 with your request information.

How do I use my microphone?

Click microphone from your keypad. If you have an android and it is set to off go to settings -> Apps -> Haiku -> Permissions -> turn on microphone

Why doesn’t Speech-to-Text work on my device?

Speech-to-Text is not currently available to everyone. We are currently conducting a trial with a handful of licenses.


(Canto) Are my Jot quick notes to myself saved to the patient’s chart?

No, Jot notes not deleted will automatically be deleted 72 hours post the patient’s discharge.


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