Calculating the level of assistance.

These financial assistance programs apply only to Presence Health hospital charges. Please be aware that you will receive separate bills from each independent practitioner or group of practitioners for services provided. Presence Health’s financial assistance programs do not apply to these charges.

In addition to the Financial Assistance Programs, you may also be eligible for public programs such as Medicaid, Medicare or AllKids. Applying for such programs may be required prior to applying for a Financial Assistance Program.

The Financial Assistance Programs include:

Financial assistance

Available to: Uninsured and underinsured patients
Description: Offers free or discounted care based on family size and income according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eligibility Criteria for Hospitals in English, in Spanish, or in Polish
How to apply: Complete the Financial Assistance Program Application in English, in Spanish or in Polish.

Automatic uninsured self-pay discount

Available to: Uninsured patients
Description: Provides an automatic 40% discount for all medically necessary health care services.
How to apply: No application necessary. Those who receive a pre-negotiated discount will not be eligible.

Catastrophic discount

Available to: Uninsured and insured patients
Description: Limits out-of-pocket costs over a 12-month period for medically necessary services when it exceeds 15% of your family’s gross income.
How to apply: Complete the Financial Assistance Program Application in English, in Spanish or in Polish.

Payment plan program

Available to: Uninsured and insured patients
Description: Assists patients with financial needs through payment arrangements.
How to apply: One of our financial counselors will help you set up a payment plan.

How to apply for financial assistance

Fill out and return.
Complete the application and any supporting documents and return to the hospital or mail to:

Presence Health
Financial Counseling
1000 Remington Blvd., Suite 110
Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440

We review your application.

We will go over your application to see if you qualify based on the guidelines in this brochure. If there are special circumstances that affect your ability to pay, these may be reviewed by the hospital’s financial assistance committee.

You receive an answer. 

We will send you a written decision within 45 days. If your request is denied, you will be given an explanation and information on setting up a payment plan and how to appeal the decision, if applicable.
If you have questions, check our frequently asked questions page, or you may speak to one of our financial counselors:

Presence Covenant Medical Center (Urbana): 217.337.2257
Presence Mercy Medical Center (Aurora): 630.801.2654
Presence Saint Joseph Hospital (Elgin): 847.931.5562
Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center (Joliet): 815.741.7146
Presence St. Mary’s Hospital (Kankakee): 815.937.2028
Presence United Samaritans Medical Center (Danville): 217.443.5000 ext. 5821
Presence Holy Family Medical Center (Des Plaines): 847.954.5485
Presence Resurrection Medical Center (Chicago): 773.792.5010
Presence Saint Francis Hospital (Evanston): 847.316.2402 or 847.316.2012
Presence Saint Joseph Hospital (Chicago): 773.665.6476
Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center (Chicago): 312.770.3164 or 312.770.2897

Policy: Provision for Financial Assistance - Hospitals 
Financial Assistance Program Application in English | Room & Board Statement
Policy in Spanish Application in Spanish Room & Board Statement in Spanish
Policy in Polish Application in Polish Room & Board Statement in Polish