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Presence Health believes that patient, resident and family involvement play an important role in the healing process. To facilitate this partnership, Presence Health provides an open visitation policy that welcomes and treats all visitors equally.

Visitors are allowed 24 hours a day any day of the week. In some cases, restrictions to this policy may apply in order to maintain the safety and privacy of patients and residents, and those restrictions will be communicated to visitors by the care team.

We encourage families and friends to partner with us in the healing process at Presence Health, and hope our open visitation policy promotes a positive, welcoming environment.


Visiting Hours for Presence Health Facilities:

Presence Mercy Medical Center

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Elgin

Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Presence St. Mary’s Hospital

Presence Resurrection Medical Center

Presence Holy Family Medical Center

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago

Presence Saint Francis Hospital

Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center