Presence St. Mary's Hospital
Volunteers Needed For Presence St. Mary’s Palliative Care Program

August 4th, 2015, Kankakee, IL …… Consistent with its proactive health care philosophy Presence St. Mary’s Hospital Volunteer Services has just launched a new Volunteer Program that focuses on the comfort of our palliative patients and their families.

The Thoughtful Living Choices Palliative Care Program with Dr. Lynn McDonald, Sue Giacchino, Pete LaMotte and their team, in partnership with Volunteer Services, are coordinating the Volunteer Palliative Care Partners.   The goal of these volunteers is to provide an extra layer of care encompassing a variety of potential services.

Volunteers will provide visits to each palliative patient/family present in coordination with their primary nurses. The volunteers are able to provide support through active listening, positive interaction, hand/foot massage, music, puzzles, playing cards and spiritual support. Also, volunteers can support Presence St. Mary’s Hospital staff by straightening the room and end-of-life education/support.

Please call Volunteer Services at 815.937.2479 with questions or to volunteer for the program.

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