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Presence St. Mary’s Hospital Offers New Technology for Prostate Care

Imaging System More Precisely Targets Prostate Biospies

(Kankakee, IL) –
Prostate cancer detection and treatment just got more accurate thanks to new leading edge technology only available at Presence St. Mary’s Hospital (PSMH).

The UroNav Fusion Biopsy System (UroNav), is a new prostate Imaging program that fuses three dimensional MRI images of the prostate with ultrasound images to precisely target prostate biopsies.

PSMH_UroNav.png"This technology has improved the diagnostic information obtained with prostate biopsies and allows urologists to find more aggressive prostate cancers that may have been missed with ultrasound guided biopsies alone," says Presence St. Mary’s Hospital Urologist Joseph Pigato, MD.

With this new ultrasound guided MRI fusion platform, PSMH radiologists are able to capture the images of any lesions within the prostate by the MRI or by combining both technologies. Combining MRI images with ultrasound images allows urologists to biopsy the exact locations that look suspicious for cancer, with fewer biopsies for the patient, less patient discomfort and increased accuracy. More precisely targeting biopsies lowers the number of tissue samples needed reducing the risk of infection, bleeding, pain and lessening recovery time for the patient.

"The availability of UroNav technology allows for integrated care with a team approach," says , Presence Medical Group Urologist Kent Frye, MD. "Strong interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between Radiology, Urology and Oncology departments is key for successful outcomes for our patients."

Early diagnosis of prostate cancer, the second most common cancer for men and second cause of cancer death in men, is essential to saving lives and preserving sexual function. Prostate cancer occurs when the cells in the prostate show a highly abnormal growth pattern. The American Cancer Society recommends that men have regular prostate screenings at age 50, or as early as 40 for those with a family history of the disease. Fortunately, most prostate cancers are slow growing, easily diagnosed and treatable when detected early.

"With UroNav, the patient can have a greater degree of confidence that if they have prostate cancer it will be found," commented PSMH Radiologist Farid Shafaie, MD. "This is a big step forward in Men’s Health for improved quality outcomes"

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