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“Allergy symptoms can easily distract a student from concentrating in school,” says Jordan Pritikin, MD, an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician) at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago, “but fortunately there are innovative, non-invasive treatment options to combat these allergy symptoms.”

From constant sniffling to eye redness and irritation, all the effects of allergies can be a constant distraction. Fortunately, there are no-shot treatment options to tackle allergies. One way to alleviate allergy symptoms is through desensitization therapies such as sublingual immunotherapy, in which “allergy drops” are placed under your tongue.

Working with a physician like Dr. Pritikin, allergens are tested and identified to provide individualized concentrations of allergens so that over time, the immune system becomes less and less responsive to these allergens. This safe and convenient treatment can be done at home, administered once a day or several times a day over a couple years.

We can help combat your allergies. Meet Dr. Jordan Pritikin, a specialist who balances state-of-the-art technology and treatments with a thoughtful and caring approach to provide his patients with the best care. Dr. Pritikin takes most insurances and appointments can be made by calling 312.372.9355.


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