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Major Advance in Patient Monitoring at Four Presence Health Hospitals

Unique Proprietary “Remote Sitter” Monitoring System Greatly Reduces At-Risk Patient Falls
Oh, and pretty soon it will permit family and loved ones to have virtual patient visits.

(Chicago, Ill.) Today, Presence Health announces a major advance in patient monitoring that ensures at-risk patient safety through a unique, proprietary telehealth monitoring system called Remote Sitter. Remote Sitter, currently under patent review, is a custom-designed program that can monitor patients at risk for falls from their beds. From the Presence Health location in Bolingbrook, Ill., one Remote Sitter observer at a monitoring station can continually look in on 6 patients at one time ensuring their safety. In the broadest sense, Remote Sitter is an innovative strategy utilizing centralized technological processes to improve patient safety, advance efficiencies in increased observation, reduce falls and increase patient, family and associate satisfaction.

While asleep, bed-bound elderly patients can sometimes easily fall from their beds, sustaining serious injuries. The Remote Sitter operative is trained to understand the signs of a stirring patient, one that is likely to attempt to get out of bed in a semi-conscious state. Through the interactive Remote Sitter system the operative can audibly instruct the patient not to leave their bed.

Historically, at-risk patients’ monitoring needs required a hospital associate to physically sit in the patient’s room for extended periods of time. This one-on-one monitoring method is labor intensive, creates ongoing patient staffing challenges and increases overtime expense. Remote Sitter presents not only patient safety benefits but also care efficiencies that translate into less risk and less expense.

Presence Health TeleHealth Strategy and Development System Director Laura Messineo RN, BS, MHA, who lead the development and implementation of Remote Sitter said,” Remote Sitter is an important tool in our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality of care and ensuring patient safety. Since the inception of the program we have had no adverse patient outcomes or patient falls.”

At-risk patients are not limited to the elderly, Alzheimer and dementia patients; patients with impaired ability to understand, patients unable to understand potential harm that can come from their actions and post-operative patients often need continuous monitoring. For these patients, Remote Sitter is another way that can help ensure safety and creating staffing efficiencies.

In the not too distant future, patients and their medical teams will not be the only beneficiaries of the Remote Sitter monitoring system. Using the Remote Sitter’s expanded capabilities will allow families of patients to have real-time virtual visits with their hospitalized loved ones.

Presence Covenant Medical Center Director Medical Surgical Services Danielle Molina RN, MSN commented, “Some of our patients actually enjoy having Remote Sitter monitoring them. About a year ago, we had a patient who wanted to apply her makeup so she would look nice for the Remote Sitter observer!”

After 5,000 hours of successful testing, Remote Sitter has been introduced at four Presence Health hospitals including Presence Saint Joseph Hospital (Chicago, Ill.),Presence Saint Francis Hospital (Evanston, Ill.), Presence United Samaritans Medical Center (Danville, Ill.) and Presence Covenant Medical Center (Urbana, Ill.). Plans to make Remote Sitter available at all Presence Health hospitals are currently being developed.


“Live” Remote Sitter Demonstration in Bolingbrook, Ill. is available upon request.

About Presence Health Presence Health is the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois. With more than 150 sites of care, including 12 hospitals, Presence Health has more than 20,000 employees, 4,000 medical professionals and a revenue base of $2.5 billion.

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