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Community reports

Working together with others to promote healthy communities is at the core of our Mission at Presence Health.

Community Health Needs Assessments

In each of the communities we serve, we work with others – including charitable organizations, community health providers, elected officials, business leaders, schools, churches, and residents – to look at the overall health of the community and identify the greatest needs. We then make a plan and develop strategies together with our communities to address the highest priority health needs.

These Community Health Needs Assessments, along with the data that was reviewed, can be found for each of our communities by clicking on the link for the community you are interested in. The information can be viewed online or downloaded.


Presence Health 2012 Community Benefit Report

In 2012, Presence Health contributed $168 million in community benefit. This includes financial assistance for those who could not afford to pay for health services, community benefit programs and services, and the unpaid costs of public programs for those with low income or a disability. Over 847,000 people were served in community benefit programs in 2012.

Presence Health is making every day count with contributions totalling more than $460,000 per day to improve the health of our communities and increase access to care. The 2012 Community Benefit Report is available here for you to read or download.

Download the Community Benefit Report